People from different faiths and religions have different rules, traditions and ways to pay homage to their deities, and all of them are equally respectable. After having said that, is no secret that some religions have more meticulous traditions when it comes, for example to pilgrimages, and one of those religions is Islam. Muslims pray to the Mecca, the most important city for Islam, every day, regardless of where they are. And, also, they are encouraged to participate in two yearly pilgrimages to the actual city. The lesser pilgrimage is called Umrah, and here is what you need to know about Umrah and how to participate in this very important religious tradition if you happen to live in India:


1. What is Umrah ?


Umrah is a pilgrimage that Muslims are encouraged to do at anytime of the year, especially if they could not make it to Hajj –the main pilgrimage-, from wherever they are to Mecca, a sacred city in Hijaz, Saudi Arabia.


The pilgrimage is required to be performed after assuming Ihram, a sacred state that involves cleansing rituals and wearing the prescribed attire.


While engaging in Umrah is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for Muslims from all parts of the world –though Muslims that first have to travel by air have to follow some different rules-.


2. Umrah Packages


Since Muslims from all around the world are encouraged to participate in Umrah one a year, pretty much every country offers different packages to make the pilgrimage as comfortable and respectful of tradition as possible, and this has changed over the years to adapt to particular social circumstances.


For example, it would be impossible for Muslims who live thousands of miles away from Saudi Arabia to actually make the pilgrimage by feet and sleep on the road. Because of this, Umrah is considered to start only after crossing a boundary called Miqat, which varies to people from different parts of the world.


In order to reach Miqat, people need to travel either by plane or by land, and for that they naturally need food, accommodation and transportation. The typical Umrah package provides solutions for this situation and many other such as travellers insurance, medical aid, and some tours even include stops at relevant cultural spots –depending on where country you are starting your trip from-, to provide the most comfortable and respectful experience for Muslims who decide to partake in this sacred ritual.


3. Umrah packages from India


India, being a county with millions of Islam followers, naturally has several companies that offer packages to make the pilgrimage. As it happens with packages from any country, your typical Umrah package from India includes transportation, accommodation, food and many other services.


Since India is thousands of miles away from Mecca –which is located in Saudi Arabia-, all Umrah packages include round flight tickets from a city near you to the Miqat and back. After you reach Miqat, the pilgrimage is supposed to be made by foot until you reach Mecca, and throughout the journey, where you should respect every aspect of the Ihram, the packages include food and accommodation.


Most packages also include an Umrah Visa, Meet and Assist at the airport in Jeddah, transportation from the airport, Ziyarat, an Umrah kit an food, but depending on how much you have to spend, you can also find many different deluxe Umrah packages that include additional benefits, such as better class tickets for the plane or accommodation at more luxurious hotels.


4. How to find a low price Umrah package from India


Umrah is a very important Muslim tradition that should be taken using all the means you have at your disposal, and that is the reason why many companies offer economic packages so that any Muslim can make the pilgrimage regardless of his or her economic situation.


While deluxe packages often include nicer hotels, better food or some additional features, they can be a little bit expensive, and money should not be an impediment for participating in the sacred tradition of Umrah. A low price Umrah package is always going to include everything you need to fulfill the sacred requirements and respectfully engage in the pilgrimage, but the more superfluous aspects, such as the luxury of the transportation, the class you fly in or the hotel rooms you will be staying are bound to be less fancy in order for you to save money.


Finding a low price Umrah package from India is not difficult at all, since there are dozens and dozens of different companies who offer Umrah packages especially designed for Muslims of all budgets and economic situations. Thanks to this competence, it should be really easy for you to find an affordable Umrah package if you live in India; you just have to browse the Internet, compare all the options available and choose whichever fits your budget the best.


If you want to make sure you get the best deal you can, you can always contact a travel agency to ask them to find –or even sometimes design- a package appropriate for your resources, and since the competence in India is intense, as we mentioned above, they will make an effort to find you the best deal so you can partake in this sacred pilgrimage.




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