If you have ever been on a School Trip or organized a School Picnic you definitely know that there are few things that can compare. On school trips, you get to see your students in an environment way more relaxed than school, you feel adventurous and optimistic and, in many cases, you end up getting to know better some students that you have never thought of and discovering that they are actually pretty cool and smart. And the best thing about educational school trips is that, besides all the fun and new possibilities they always carry, your students end up learning a lot of interesting things.


If you are in a position to suggest where to go for a school trip, or if you are precisely in charge of planning the trip, you will find these ideas incredibly useful, and the best thing about them is that you will definitely fin a School Tour Package that fits your needs and the need of your college class perfectly:


1. Take a school trip to the zoo


While this idea for a school trip might sound at first way more recreational than educational, that is exactly what makes this idea very cool and genius. 


A school trip to the zoo can be a very amusing and educational experience for students of any school grade, but since the focus of this article is college students, we are not going to mention how this trip applies to elementary, middle school or high school students.


Depending on the degree that the class you are taking belongs to, you can take a very varied array of approaches to a school trip to the zoo. The most obvious, of course, is if the degree is of biology, zoology or something directly related to animals, but even seemingly unrelated degrees can exploit all the features that your local zoo has to offer and make something with them.


Take, for example, a degree in literature. While it is certainly not related at all, you could ask students, to compose a sonnet based on a particular animal, and they won’t find any better inspiration than by composing it while looking at the animal in question. After they have finished the assignment, you could all gather for a school picnic and discuss and comment on your students’ work to make for an educational and recreational school trip.


You should also know that pretty much every zoo offers some way of an educational tour package that will save everyone some money and perhaps even include a tour guide to tell specific things about the animals, something that can be incredibly useful to acquire technical knowledge if you are teaching a class of zoology or biology.


2. Take a school trip to the planetarium


Planetariums are among the coolest educational places available today. Every planetarium tour has a very particular and fun way to teach scientific facts in a matter that seems more amusing than actually educational.


A planetarium is an entire building dedicated to project images of the sky, the stars or the universe on a big dome that resembles the sky, usually accompanied by a prerecorded voice that explains every little detail about what is being projected on the screen. Just by itself, a visit to the planetarium is an amazing experience, but when looked at as an education school trip, it only gets better.


Since planetariums are very specific and only cover topics related to the stars or the universe, this probably is not a very universal idea if the purpose is to have an educational trip –it can be recreational for students of any major since it is very amusing-, but if you are teaching a class of math, physics or anything related to the space and nature, there are several ideas you could come up with to make this fun experience very useful for educational purposes too.


Needless to say, virtually every planetarium offers tour packages to make things easier and cheaper for you and your class.


3. Take a school trip to a museum


While some students tend to think of museums as boring and a little bit lame for a school trip, the truth is that museums can be both education and recreational if you just choose the right approach.


Obviously, you will not have this issue if you are teaching an art or history class, since all students surely will be interested in visiting a museum, but even if you are teaching a completely unrelated class, the great thing about museums is that, even if they just include paintings and sculptures, those paintings and sculptures often represent pretty much anything in the world.


For example, if you are teaching an architecture class, you could encourage your students to figure out how the museum is distributed to maximize the efficiency of traffic, and if you are teaching a physics class you could ask your students to choose a painting and describe all the physics-related aspects that happen in what is depicted in it. This last example can be exceptionally interesting and educational if you choose a museum that exhibits surrealistic paintings, for example.


4. Organize a Magic Show in School


Student Enjoy Magic tricks a lot. So organizing a Magic show in School Premise with Creative Games will be once in Lifetime Experience for the student. Student loves creativity and wants to learn creative magic tricks in school will be Fun.


5. Outdoor adventure activities


Outdoor adventure activities like Trekking, Rafting, Camping, Zorbing and Rappelling can be organized within school premise or outside. There are various School trip organizer providing professional services. Yesbazaar.com is one of the fastest growing school picnic organizer in India. It is providing Outdoor and indoor activities with games as per the need and budget of school management.


Finally, we need to mention that yes, as it is the case with the other ideas in this list, all the museums offer guided tours and packages for school trips, which can help your students learn a lot of thing about art in general while still having fun.


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