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Welcome to Yesbazaar SwaRozgar Youjna. This is unique way to earn handsome money by selling Combo Offers . You have to Register on the website get the referral code. Then you will ask your customer to use that code for purchasing and registering on the website. All the sale done by your referral link will be shown automatically on your dashboard with the commission earn by you. At the end of the month commission will be transferred to your bank account.

Once you do 50 sale of the combo. You will also get monthly salary support as mentioned below.


Commission structure is as follows :-

Combo Sales Count

Commision Earned

Monthly Salary Support

1 Sale

Rs 1000

No Salary Support

2 Sale

Rs 2500

No Salary Support

5 Sale

Rs 6500

No Salary Support

10 Sale

Rs 15000

No Salary Support

25 Sale

Rs 40000

No Salary Support

50 Sale

Rs 85000

Rs 5000 Monthly Support

100 Sale

Rs 200000

Rs 10000 Monthly Support

200 Sale

Rs 425000

Rs 20000 Monthly Support

Note :- Initially you will get commission only from the sale of Combo Offers . Once you do 50 Combo Offer sale you will be eligible to get 2% commission on all product sale from website and monthly salary support.

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